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One of my favorite things about the Internet is its ability to connect thinkers with each other on a level that is drastically different from the one that existed twenty years ago. Social media platforms and blogs provide interesting ways to get to know someone’s work that you may not have encountered previously.
I want to invite you to check out the following blogs and websites as an extension of the AD. The sites have no affiliation with this blog, but I find the work fascinating and relevant.

***The list is updated regularly. If you have a suggestion, please use “Contact the AD” to submit content.



The Lady Americanist
Megan McGee Yinger, Ph.D. candidate of American studies at Penn State Harrisburg, writes on “the intersection of art, culture, and the corporate world” and touches on some pretty entertaining subjects that anyone can relate to. Have a friend or family member who you want to introduce to the world of American studies but only seems to talk about Disney? Pass them on to the Lady Americanist.

Performing America
John Price, Ph.D. candidate of American studies at Penn State Harrisburg, does some interesting things with folklore and sports culture, writes about his academic and teaching life, and generally muses on current topics (music, politics, …”weedlore.”) Check him out!

Tropics of Meta
Wide-ranging, interdisciplinary, edgy, and provocative, TofM takes accessible scholarship to a new level.

The Urban (Social) Blend
Andrea Glass, Ph.D. candidate of American studies at Penn State Harrisburg, focuses on ideas of gender, sexuality, urban culture, history, and material culture through an interdisciplinary lens. She writes, the “goal with ‘The Urban (Social) Blend’ [is] to create a space that highlights current trends in urban living while drawing attention to larger social issues and highlighting the work of community organizations.



Ant, Spider, Bee
Collaboratively edited by academics from the Rachel Carson Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Umeå University, the goal of this site is to focus on the convergence of the digital and environmental humanities. The site includes guest blog posts, articles of interest from around the web, and CFPs/conference info.

Gregory Rosenthal, Ph.D. is a compelling figure in the academic world today. His site is less a blog and more a professional site to highlight his involvement as an academic and community activist.

Historical Climatology
Brings together policy makers, academics, and scientists to explore problems and solutions toward climate change. The site includes a blog (where you will be directed if you pursue this link), news, videos, interviews, ongoing projects, etc.

Historical DeWitticisms
Jessica DeWitt, Ph.D. candidate of History at the University of Saskatchewan who focuses on U.S. and Canadian environmental history. She is also the social media editor for NiCHE (Network in Canadian History and Environment) and editor of Folklore: Saskatchewan’s History Personified. She is very interdisciplinary on her blog, which makes her work interesting.

Network in Canadian History & Environment, or Nouvelle initiative canadienne en histoire de l’environnement (which I think sounds better), is a really great site for interdisciplinary perspectives. It is a collaborative site that includes numerous academic voices and, of course, of importance for The AD, branches out beyond the borders of the United States! Transnationalism, everybody!

Seeing the Woods
A blog by the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society that seeks to publish scholarship  that enhances our understanding of environmental challenges through the humanities. The blog hosts multiple contributors, including RCC fellows. They are doing real, relevant work here!



Lady Science
This delightful blog focuses on – you got it! – the history of women in the sciences (including tech and medicine.) The writing is from a variety of perspectives and is very accessible while maintaining high-quaility scholarship.

Nursing Clio
N.C. is an open access, peer reviewed online journal covering topics of gender and medicine in an interdisciplinary manner. They are excellent with the histories and the thinking thing.



Cultured Maven
NEW culture magazine covering a wide-range of topics. Some articles are scholarly, most are simply enjoyable. This is the next big thing for the Washington D.C. area.

The Pop History Dig
Super cool site for anyone with scholarly interests in the history of popular culture. The articles cover a range of awesomeness: music, film, politics, sport, business, etc…



Notes on Metamodernism
This is an online magazine with scholarly content that explores New Romanticism, New Sincerity, and the overarching idea of Metamodernism. Topics run the gamut and are interdisciplinary, but all rely on philosophical foundations.


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